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Wonderful Time Productions offers professional product photography services in Idaho. Quality photography is important in today’s competitive business climate. Images produced by your smart phone or point-and-shoot cameras just won’t cut it when you are competing against bigger retailers.  Plus, flat looking photos will make your product look cheaper and less flattering than the product that has been carefully sculpted using strategically positioned lights and properly isolated subject.

Some of the photography tasks I offer:

  • Studio or on-location photography
  • Color correction
  • Image masking
  • Digital manipulation

I charge $25 per image that has been shot and processed. I do not charge any session fees unless I need to setup studio at your location.

View Portfolio or Request a Quote

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  • Sarah Taylor
  • Dental Prosthetics
  • Advertising Commercial Campaign – Imagine the Fun in Reading
  • Petra Christian Academy Campaign
  • iPhone 5 cellphone cases
  • Antoine Turner
  • Sahara Cell phone Cases – Product Photography
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